Could Justice get any better?

Jusitce have released another great video by the same people that did the last advert for Ed Banger records (the label they are signed to). This time round, the artwork is animating on peoples tees as they move around the club. Following along the same lines, the artwork styles is similar but takes place on the front of peoples tees. Nothing but amazing.

The last shot with the guy with the gun on his shirt is genius and a great little interaction.

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I’m really liking stop frame animation at the mo and came across a piece of work by PES from a while ago. Theres some really good work over at PES and its definatly worth checking out.

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Lovely Design

Well worth a look at… reminds me a lot of another shop Magenta Ink that specialize in expensive cards and the like – all of course hand printed either litho, letter press or screened. Makes me want to go out and make some books and bind stuff.

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Really who doesn’t like cake.

Being surrounded by constant talk and drawing of tea cups and cake all the time recently, I was highly excited to find just find (one of my favourite Tee companies) have just set up a new website as part of their lovesthreadless blog called Threadless loves cakes.

The premise is pretty simple: Bake a cake, and decorate it to match your favorite Threadless shirt design:

I like cake. You like cake. Cake cake cake. Bake us a cake of your best interpretation of your absolute favoritest Threadless design. Be crazy creative, if you’re good with cake. Make a straight up decorated design or whatever your take is on certain design elements. Send us a pic (or several, preferred) of your finished creation. Take a few of the process, too. Hell, even if you suck at baking, the absolute worst thing that happens is you eat cake. And that’s probably the best absolute worst thing *ever*.

Anybody who is familiar with the excellent tech and gadget website Engadget may remember a similar idea they have Tech Cakes – certainly worth a look.

You can see a full collection of cakes being made for Threadless on this website Expect to see some of my favourite ones over the next few days.

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