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HJ – A catalogue of type. 0

How amazing does that book look. Its so inspiring, I may just have to purchase a copy despite its some what crazy name – can’t believe somebody signed that off.

There is also some great work on Mike Perry’s site. Honestly worth some of your time to peruse it.

Retro Computers – Works of Art? 0

Inspired by a few posts ago on minature model computers and pieces of electronics, I spotted an article in this months Wired Magazine titled Memory Lane.

Mark Richards has beautifully photographed a variety of retro computers. There is a published book of the work entitled, Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers, but a selection of photographs can be found on Mark Richard’s site under index>core memory section.

Whale boy 0

Interesting site, insight and discussion on the process behind the work.

Darn you Olly Moss!!! 0

Some new tees have been released on Threadless and theres some good stuff as well. I think that the quality of tees have been slipping a bit recently, so its good to see some good looking pieces of work. Surprise suprise though, Olly Moss comes out with another great design. His website is worth a look as well even if not all the illustrations are at the same high standard.

There so much detail on this illustration – remind me of something Amy would do.

I really like the illustration style of this, especially on models.

Probably the best rollover ever? 0

Have a go at

Check it out.

OLED By Sony 0

Pretty amazing flexible screen…. so when can I get my hands on it and start watching some Family Guy on it?

Minatures – Electronic Ensemble 0

These are amazing handmade minature models. Unfortunalty all sold but they are so amazing.

For more info and enquiries contact purpleowl [at]

See more photos of them here.

Big Yellow 0


It’s nice to see the trend of animation is starting to spill over into mainstream advertising. Saw this on TV last night.

The Art of Screen Printing – DIY 0

A nice little tutorial from make magazine – makes me wish I was living in the US so I could subscribe.

Screen printings is so amazingly awesome. I may have to put this video into practice once I’ve graduated.

Pixar Zoetrope 0

This is a great piece of work from Pixar. Not particularly shown to its best ability on this video (I guess it must of been filmed very cautiously). In case you don’t get whats happening, a set of models spins very fast and LEDs are flashed to give the impression that the characters are animating – its amazing to see but one that you need to see in person.

There are are few days left to still catch the Pixar exhibition on at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh – its well worth it in my opinion.

There is another video/view of the zoetrope on YouTube at

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