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Ok Go 0

Impressive album art work for Ok Go’s, Oh No album. Not heard the album yet.

Liquid Space – Diesel Fashion Show 0

Pretty amazing synergy of technology and fashion featured at the recent Diesel Spring/Summer 08 catwalk show. Apparently this is the first ever holographic catwalk and it looks pretty spectacular. For me it does feel like the best of marriages, I think it perhaps detracts from the garments, after all that’s what your there for right?

Morten Laursen 0

I don’t normally like overtly flash based sites especially ones like this where a physical portfolio has been taken and made digital. Sometimes analogue things such as folios should stay that way as the online world offers new opportunities which are often hindered by real world objects that have been transported across.

Objections aside, at least there is a certain fluidity to flicking through the page in this example and bar the first couple of examples, the work on show makes up for it all.

Enjoy at:

Sanna Annukka 0

An amazing illustrator and printmaker, half Finnish and half English. Recently worked on Keane’s Under the Sea album and has a very definite style about her work. I really like its look and feel in the way it depicts the animal/folkish roots. Interesting use of space in the concertina books are very interesting and inspiring.

Have a look at:

Fedexbook case 0

Stuck for a case for your new MacBook. Really cool idea from a user at for a home made MacBook sleeve if you are strapped for cash from the big purchase. Shame we don’t really have those Tyvek envelopes in the UK as Fedex aren’t over here – works really well as a retro design icon/packaging. Maybe for the best as I’m on a green front and well Tyvek is completely un-recyclable in order for it to be water proof. Whoops.

DIY Guide at:

Typographics 0

Typographics is a very cool animation explaining some of the details and termonology behind typography. Very sweet.

This is just a test blog 0

This is currently just testing out wordpress facilities. My main blog is over at

OkapiStudio 0

Some sweet pieces of work from OkapiStudio’s portfolio for various clients. I really like the tees and packaging for the Sunday work and the fact that the opening page of their website is there work – straight to the point and I like it. There’s also a bit of a blog as well at

Science of Sleep 0

I finally got round to watching Science of Sleep about a month ago. Its a great movie by Gondry (one of my favourite music video directors and the best in the Work of Director DVD series) it didn’t deliver as much as I’d hoped, but I think Eternal Sunshine was too a good a movie to top. Its still a great story and has some great shots in it. What I like most about Gondry’s work are the surrealist pieces that take form in hands on crafts and really distinctive animation style. The above images are just some of the amazing creations featured in the move. I really like the typewriter that is typed on by a spiders legs when dictated to by the movies main character. Genius!

Ticky ticky ticky 0

Another to add to the collection. Spotted a huge bigger than A3 typewriter whilst I was out today as well but was so ridiculously heavy I couldn’t manage to get it back to my flatter. Maybe next time. I’m on the look out for an IBM golf ball one next or a really old pre-1930s model.

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