More covers

I’m not a fan of Jack Johnson by any means but for some reason I really like the choice of typeface on this particular album cover. Hopefully I’m back on track for a regular post on a Friday as well – my bad for missing it last week.

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Blik – Surface Graphics

Blik are an awesome company that are bringing vinyl graphics into the the home and office which I think is great. I really wanna get some of the space invaders re-usable ones. Reminds me a little of a project I just finished and another one I’m just starting.

Check Blik’s blog out as well. I love these library book graphics shown above.

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I need a set of these

Someone’s obviously got their thinking cap on at work and has taken my prefered implement of tea making (a pen or whatever is to hand) and took it another couple of steps further.

Good job. [via Fubiz]

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I absolutely love the cover for Born Ruffians with the cowboy. By the looks of it is a tiny model paper cut out and was probably done by a graphic designer that’s in a popular called Tactile. If you see it have a read as there’s loads of inspiring work in it.

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This is an awesome magazine called E&A with some absolutely amazing and beautiful typography and photography. There’s loads of spreads on their website from the magazine which I highly advise checking out.

Been pretty busy this week so thats the reason for the sparse posting.

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Mini redesign

I’ve been busy working away but somehow managed to squeeze in a redesign of my portfolio site. There is a small selection of my work and current work in progress pieces to keep you interested. In the mean time, I’m going to continue working on redesigning my entire website and portfolio which should launch later in the year closer to degree show time.

In the mean time you can have a look at and If there is anything that interests you or you want to give me some comments then leave them here or email me

made [at]

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Type based animals

A very cool project from Jeremy Pettis, in which he designed a unique typeface/logo type for twenty-six different animals. I really like the one for Dolphin and Quail. Its worthing going right to the end of the website to see photos of them in an exhibition context.

Twenty-six types of Animals

There’s a great flickr site showing a lot of the process shots that Jeremy went through to get to the end result (similar to those found in the process book).

Twenty-six types of Animals – flickr set

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