Park Football

Whilst at the cinema yesterday I saw this cool little animation by Grant Orchard. Reminiscent of the blocky world of Sensible Soccer and old skool 80’s and 90’s gaming, it was really good to see this simple but humorous animation on a massive scale which unfortunately doesn’t translate as well online. Still, head over to Grant’s folio and have a look at Park Football under his work section.

I’ve also got a big announcement coming up soon, once I have some more info in a couple of days I’ll post it up.

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Anyone for a little TV?

These are absolutely amazing – as soon as I saw knitting and vintage tech it had me hooked. Created by Esme Valk in 2000 they have been created in wool and acrylic to create full size replicas. From her website

The knitted television covers have three images from late night shows embroidered on them; Oprah Winfrey, a Tell-Sell order screen and a picture from a scrambled porn channel.

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Finding technological beauties

Although I’ve been living in Edinburgh for quite a while now, I’ve only been to Scotland’s National Museum a couple of times. Thankfully I took sometime to explore it fully the other day and discovered some amazing artefacts (like above) of retro music and tech equipment. They also had some amazing typewriters there like the IBM Golfball-I’m still trying to track one down for myself- and the beautiful Valentine.

If you get the opportunity I suggest checking them out just for their shear beauty.

IBM Golfball typewriter

Valentine Typewriter

This week I’ve also be questioning why I didn’t discover Sound of Silver by LCD Sound System?

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Sony’s new ad, get your type on and super busy

The amazing London based ad agency, Fallon has produced another great ad for Sony. Full ad over at Fubiz.

An interesting test of your font knowledge. Font Game

I’m on the last long sprint now until to degree show in late May, so I’m afraid to say that updates are probably going to be a little sparse over the next couple of weeks as time is limited.

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