Shoot em up – it’s so bad it’s good

I just finished watching Shoot Em Up earlier today which was certainly an experience and worthy of some sort of script writing award as it really blew me away – yep! What really topped it off for me though was the cheesyness of the title and credit sequences matched the mood and pace of the movie so well.

Done by The Picture Mill in the U.S., it’s a shame I couldn’t find a video of them online to post here. However they are on their website under Work. If you have a spare five minutes then go check them out and cringe.

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Nike 1/1, desiging a Nike

Bit of news for everyone, you might of seen that Nike have been doing a project with a lot of designers called the Art of Football. As part of that series they have invited designers from all around the world to take part in various design events. Fortunately for me, I’ve been invited down with designer Dom Wilcox next to have design my own pair – very exciting. I’ve also been told the entire thing will be filmed and then posted up on ItsNiceThat – which if you haven’t checked out, get on the case as it’s a great blog.

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