I heart guts – really they’re great!

These little guys are amazing. I heart guts have taken what could be extremely gory and brutal, blood and guts, and created an adorable set of plush toys and other similar products. For me the plush toys remind me a bit of Happy Tree Friends series but less explicit and are just great.

Thanks to one of my flat mates for showing me this.

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Prom, Prom, Prom by EATeacake

I’ve had this sitting on my cutting matt/desk area for weeks on end taunting me to post about it. It’s a really likeable publication from EATeacake on the Great British seaside. Coming from the coast it had me hook, line and sinker. Simply finished in blue and red spot colours – soya based inks I’m told — on an off white stock. Check out the rest of EATeacake collaborative work or have a look through their blog. They’ve got plenty of good stuff.

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Writing your Sunday Yeti memoirs

Even though I’ve not been too busy today this little guy’s been busy tapping out his memoirs on the typewriter. Actually I’m lying, Yeti’s can’t use typewriters — they just don’t have the concentration. As always I took some photos of them before they left today and added them to the Flickr Yeti set.

I actually finished of another set of them and they’re available in Edinburgh at the OWL & LION. If I have time there might be a few more new ones this week as well.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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SansGil @ Etsy – Shop Launch

I mentioned a couple of days ago I was going to be putting some of my yetis on Etsy. I’ve finished it all off and put a couple of items up for sale (pictured). Have a look at it at The Mighty Forest. At the moment I’m just going to be selling yetis that I have in stock but you can still order specific yetis by getting in contact with me and they are still available in Edinburgh at OWL & LION. In addition to the three different sizes I’ve been advertising, I’ve added two even bigger sizes an extra large version and a huge version — it really is massive, like the size of a cushion. Even better I’m now shipping them worldwide after a number of requests.

If you’ve got any comments or questions about the new shop or any of the products you can contact me at shop@sansgil.com or leave them in the comments of this post.

I’ve also added these yetis to the growing, Yeti Flickr set. Anyone who purchases any of my yetis I’d love to find out where they are going and perhaps, if you’re feeling adventurous, taking some photos of them in their new habitat and sending them into me. The best ones might get posted up on this blog or be made into a book. Finally there’s an RSS feed for the in stock items on my Etsy shop.

One last announcement, but just as important, I’ve made a very minor change to the collective name of my knitted monsters. Previously called Yehtis, with a ‘h’ in the middle, they’re now called yetis. Not much of a change I know but based on what people were searching for it seems the latter is the more common spelling so hopefully people will find them a little easier.

Go snap one up before they all go!

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Edinburgh Interactive Festival ’08

I was able to visit the Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2008 (EIF 08) today showing off some of the latest games to be coming out of the UK and to act as a discourse for hot topics in the UK games industry. Much smaller in comparison to other well known games shows such as E3 and the Tokyo Game Show, there where still a number of interesting titles on show which I got the opportunity to have a play with.

Cooking Guide on the DS, already available, is much like having Jamie Oliver in your kitchen but conveniently squished down into a DS sized cartridge and around the £30 — cheap if you ask me. An interesting idea that I’m sure will appeal to gamers who already enjoy the quirky style of games that DS has become known for. The best thing on show though was a playable version of Little Big Planet on the PS3. A highly customisable platformer that really comes into its own when you— begin to create your own levels and environments which you can then share online via the Playstation network. I know it’s not an original concept but the barrage of available customisable options and tie-ins with the EyeToy camera and the very likeable artwork style will open the game up to a lot of possibilities that could work really well in the online community aspect of the game.

If your interested in either of these two games, I suggest you check out GameSpot.co.uk or GuyCocker.com. There is also an entertaining review of Cooking Guide on the DS, mentioned, as part of Start/Select and a Flickr set of EIF 2008 here.

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