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@DIN you suck at the at sign 1

Whilst catching the bus up to North London for work this morning, I saw some advertising for the tourism board of some far eastern country—besides the point really. What bugged me was they’d set the copy in DIN, a fairly widely used font, and smack bang in the middle was possibly the uggliest @ character created for a typeface ever.

I think it’s fair to stay it’s a pretty catastrophic error. Look at it, it’s so ugly. It doesn’t even barely resemble an @ sign. In fact here’s a list of things it does look like;

A headless zombie
A man from above ready for a hug
A limp lowercase d
A rat peaking out a whole
A fat pig front on
Just about anything BUT an @ sign

What are your thoughts?

Threadless redesign 0

Threadless have done a bit of a redesign to the site since I was last on it. Looks good.

eBoy Pixorama 0

Sweet new book out from eBoy titled, Pixorama.

Paper zombies 0

A little late after Haloween but these paper zombies are still great any time of the year!

Threadless type tees 0

Rock is dead and paper killed it

Real bear hugs are often fatal


A couple of new (well they’ve been out for a while but I’ve been a little slow on the emails lately) from

Some really nice type tees o these first two.