We Are Friction

My copy of We Are Friction by Sing Statistics arrived in the post yesterday. The info-graphics inspired cover is really catchy and the content — collaborations between writers and illustrators — looks very intriguing.

Looking forward to reading through some of the short stories over the coming week and a pat on the back to Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart for all their efforts that went into We Are Friction.

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FormFiftyFive interviews Fred Deakin of Airside

After a lot of hard work and late nights I finished working on video for FormFiftyFive interviewing Fred Deakin. Creative director of Airside and one half of Lemon Jelly, Fred Deakin is a design and music hero of mine so it was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to get some of my questions answered by Fred and work on editing and motion graphics for the final video.

There’s more information over at FormFiftyFive and would love to hear your comments and thoughts. We’ve also lined up our next interview with the very talented illustrator, Hellovon. I’m on to work on this next interview which should be very interesting.

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GF Smith mailer


If you want to get my attention make sure its well printed and send me it in the post. Some of the mailers that arrived on my door matt today are prime examples.

First off a nice little mailer from every designers favourite paper manufacturer GF Smith. I’m always impressed with GF Smith’s simple but attention grabbing mailers like this one, fluro screenprinted on thick brushed steel like stock.

The second example is for House of Propellers gallery in London. A cosy little gallery space directly below the offices of Represent. They’ve got provocative exhibition on at the moment by Clare Shilland. The mailer is foil blocked in gold on some nice thick 300gsm board.

It doesn’t take much but I’m a sucker or anything well printed and finished.

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FFF Interviews Fred Deakin

I’ve been pretty tied up the last couple of weeks working on FormFiftyFive’s latest video interview with creative director or Airside and half of the band Lemon Jelly—both of whom I’m huge fans of. So it’s been a really great chance to work with great assets and get back into some motion graphics and video editing that I enjoy every time I return to.

Here’s a quick sneak preview at one of the animated intros for FFF, which unfortunately doesn’t look like it’s going to make the cut. Keep checking my blog and FormFiftyFive as the interview isn’t far away from being released.

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Esquire September 2009 Limited Edition

I don’t usually read Esquire magazine-normally I have so much on my desk or in my RSS reader that I just haven’t got the time. This month though Esquire have published a limited edition issue which I couldn’t help but pick up and have a flick through.

The design team have done a really good job producing the magazine with a sturdy hardback cover lavishly covered with plenty of foil blocking. The spreads throughout are well put together with some great use of typography and illustration that does the overall feel of the magazine well. The designers have also done a great job finishing it all off with q mixture of coated and uncoated stocks.

Check out the latest issue at your local newsagents.  

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Linefeed and Londom Typographic Tours

I mentioned a while back about Typographic Tours of London that I went on back in March of this year. Whilst going through some of my bookmarks I came across this video that pretty much sums up the tour in about 15 mins. It’s an interesting video if a bit of an abridged version of the tour – which I cab highly recommend.

The video was created by Michael Bojkowski a very talented Australian designer with a stunning folio to boot and an interesting blog called Linefeed. One of the best bits about Linefeed for me is, Michael’s, usually monthly, video ‘Reading Lists’ where he takes the time to go through the magazines sitting on his desk in the form of a visual round up with commentary. Being a massive fan of well designed publications, the videos immediately struck a chord with me. Here’s one below to see what the fuss is all about.

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U2 – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight

Excellent video for U2’s latest single, beautifully realised in this cell shaded animation. Directed by David OReilly, designed by Jon Klassen, animated by Chris Hutchison & Steve White. It reminds me a lot of the good times spent playing the classic Game Cube title, Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker which adopted the same cute and adorable style of art direction.

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Simpsons Catch Me If You Can Parody


I caught this excellent parody of the Catch Me If You Can title sequence on The Simpsons a couple of weeks back. You can watch the full Simpsons Catch Me If You Can parody or watch the original title sequence over at The Art of Titles.

The original title sequence for Catch Me If You Can has to be one of my favourites, directed by Kuntzel+Deygas and produced by Nexus Productions. Whilst researching both title sequences, I also came across another one of my favourite title sequences for Thank You For Smoking by Shadow Play Studio. If you’re interested in the title sequence for Thank You For Smoking check out these stills on flickr.

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