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Bonobo—Black Sands 0

So the new Bonobo album, Black Sands is finally out. If you’ve never had the decency to listen to a Bonobo album then shame on you. Democratic music selection is always a tough call though in any studio with more than a few people, so if you’re after some instrumental, safe background beats then make sure you add Black Sands to the music collection.

Oh and if you’re one of those few people who’ve never come across Bonobo I highly recommend going through the back collection as you’ll find some gems from his studio LPs as well as a couple of live sessions, mixes and bootlegs if you look hard enough. No doubt bringing much needed musical kudos to any studio.

Paul Annett’s Channel 4 Logo 0

A well executed interactive take on the Channel 4 logo that Studio Rudd and 4Creative have made iconic over the last few years.

Created with nothing more than a dozen or so simple lines of CSS courtesy of Paul Annett, it’s a great piece of work and testament to the power of HTML/CSS mix. Definitely one of those things you have to see to understand. So go to and resize your browser and all will make sense.

Postal Ephemera One 0

So to kick things off with the first Postal Ephemera, we’ve got a copy of Golden’s most recent promo book, Golden Memories.

Truth be told I received this in the post a while back but a post over on FFF by Chris this week reminded me what a great bit of print it was. A nice pocket form and quite a chunky block of paper makes for a sturdy item to add to the book shelf. The book’s content is a collection of work and production shots that Golden have undertaken in their first year of business as well as some shots of their very lush looking new studio n Leeds.

Printed on an uncoated stock and finished off with a 2/3 wrap around dust jacket, exposing a little peek-a-book cover. Take off the dust jacket and slap bang on the centre you’ll find Golden’s marque confidently foil stamped. Everything about the books finish and execution shouts finesse that comes part and parcel of the idea Golden.

Golden, made up of ex-TDRer’s and Love creatives, have been notoriously elusive when it come to showing off their work, so to see a cohesive collection of their work in a handy format is a great addition to my printed collection.

More next Friday.


A collective made up of designers, writers, artisans and creative brain boffins,  PTARMAK has some great print-room inspired worked presented in some fun ways. Really liking the work that they did for Andy Warhol FDN, bringing together a real mix of printed collateral.

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Postal Ephemera 0

It’s no secret that I love print. However one secret of mine is how much joy post brings me (bills excluded). Over the last month I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a semi-regular feature that ties these two pleasures together and let you share in the gleeful printed delights.

Postal Ephemera is the product of this thinking and aims to showcase anything and everything print related that drops through the letter box. It’s a semi-regular (hopefully weekly) feature appearing every Friday. For the time being it’s going to be pretty loose, it might not be every week and it might not always be a Friday so just bear with us. The plan each week is to show off an example of print work that has dropped through the letter box that’s caught our eye, be it a mailer, book, brochure or something altogether different. Although postal is in the name, we’re also going to show off bits of print we’ve picked up or photograph whilst out on the road at exhibitions and events. After all if they landed through the post I’d be talking about them anyway. It might also not be brand spanking new work but stuff I’ve picked up years ago, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of regular content to keep things interesting.

Postal Ephemera hints at the throw-away but more often than no they end up in my collection of reference materials, so why not check back on Friday and see what I’ve got to show off.

I am there—Spike Jonez 0

Spike Jonze is at it again in collaboration with creative supporters Absolut Vodka.

Curtis CSS Typeface · David DeSandro 0

This is an great proof of concept CSS typeface from David DeSandro. The best thing about it, is it doesn’t look half bad as a display face. Go take a look at it and make sure you look at the overlay view which shows the brilliance behind the design, making CSS do David’s bidding.

I’m Not An Artist 0

Mesmerising in its repetitiveness, I’m Not An Artist is likely to cause you an animated GIF fit much like the now notorious Pokemon cartoon episode of the late 1990’s. But who said there wasn’t pain, without gain.

Starting with 56 animated GIFs directed by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper, the projected devised by Elisava aims to be a platform for emerging creatives worldwide. Brilliantly simple, lo-fi aesthetics and infinite looping animations is likely to melt anyones heart who remembers the days of a good old animated GIF.

Scouted via It’s Nice That

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Bitter Sweet exhibition—Noma Bar 0

Noma Bar is one of my favourite illustrators at the moment, telling small stories with the most minimal of marks. You’ll no doubt of seen his work in the pages of Esquire Magazine and The Guardian Guide.

I’m pleased to hear that Noma is putting on an exhibition, Bitter Sweet, at the end of the month at KK Outlet in London’s trendy Hoxton Square. Featuring never before seen work including 3D wood custom, installation pieces, screen prints and light boxes all of which are available to buy. The exhibition opens Wednesday 31st March to 30th April, with the private view 7-9pm, 31st March.

If you’ve never been to KK Outlet before, what a great chance to see some brilliant work from Noma Bar and discover a characterful gallery space.

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Gorillaz – Stylo music video 0

I just don’t get the time any more to to watch music videos. It’s a real shame as it’s been a medium to discover creative gems (Gondry being one of my all time favourite directors whom I discovered through his Daft Punk-Around The World).

One recent group who’s creative direction I’ve always admired is Gorillaz branding by Jamie Hewlett. To coinciede with last weeks release of Plastic Beach (which is more of the high quality tunes that will be making up much of this months playlist in the studio) I took a look at the video for their newest EP, Stylo. Previously the Gorillaz art style has been cell shaded often ineractiving with live action actors and scenery. In this latest video Murdoc and 2D take shape as 3D renders. The video is finished to the same high standard as all the previous work and it makes sense now it’s been 12 years since Gorillaz original debut. The narrative behind Stylo is slightly uninspiring with a cameo from Bruce Willis who does bring a whole lot to the narratve other than his celebrity name. Similar to their first self titled album and Demons though it looks like the video is the first part in a larger narrative that will be completed with subsequent EP releases for Plastic Beach in the coming months.

Criticisms apart Gorillaz new album is another aural delight and another album that should be on every studios playlist of safebets.

Gorillaz – Stylo HD

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