Tom Muller—Long Lunch

LongLunch have certainly been racking up the speakers over 2010. This time round Tom Muller (who we saw speak earlier in the year), is making the trip north over the border to Glasgow School of Art (a great space for a talk) where he’ll be presenting a talk on his work, career and his love of comic books.

Tickets are currently on sale via the LongLunch site along with further details.

KleberTom Muller
Thursday 6th May 2010 
Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
Doors open 7.00, start 7.30pm

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Postal Ephemera Three

Just like the real postal service Postal Ephemera has been a couple of weeks delayed—many apologies. However in its absence we’ve had some really great bits of post come in over the last few weeks.

To coincide with the recent relaunch of I Love Dust—which I talked about a week or so ago on FFF—we were lucky enough to receive one of their excellent mailers. Matching their new identity and website which is focused around the theme of ‘a butchers choice cuts’, the whole mailer has been brilliantly executed.

Arriving wrapped in a sheet of newsprint and tied up in coarse hessian-like string reminiscent of a local butchers. Past the exterior paper, there’s a thick layer of cloth again printed with the same typographic treatments and motifs in the layer that preceded it. Then you get to the juicy steak of content that is a small booklet showcasing some of I Love Dust’s most recent work. Beautifully foiled on the front with the words ‘Choice Cuts’, the whole theme works very effectively, doing justice to the work inside, which is to be expected from one of the best Design and Illustration agencies in the UK. What makes it such an effective piece of communication though, is the meticulous detail I Love Dust have paid throughout from aesthetic to the finish on the production.

To top it all off, I Love Dust have some damn good work in their portfolio.

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Wallpaper* launches iPhone app

As the release of the iPad makes waves in the publishing industry, Wallpaper* magazine has released a new iPhone app. Sponsored by Swarovski Crystal Palace, the app delivers a paired down ‘best of’ content from the Wallpaper* website. I’ve had a play with the app for the last few days on the commute to work and it’s a pretty seamless experience, providing you’ve got an Edge or 3G connection, watching video or browsing images is an enjoyable experience. However what would have been a welcomed addition is a GPS aware or even city selection function to find out what’s happening in your local city that Wallpaper* could recommend.

Take a look for free via the iTunes Music Store or via

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Urban Interventions Book Launch

To celebrate the UK of Urban Interventions, Gestalten have teamed up with Andipa Gallery to host an launch party and exhibition.

Urban Interventions delves into the a new world of graffiti and street art. Work lending itself more to art installations than that of spray cans, the work on show is witty from the smallest ephemeral figurine to huge floating football pitch like barges. Inspiring and exciting work, the artists provoke the context of urban environments to deliver intelligent art in public spaces that can’t help but brighten any dreary commuters journey through their everyday environment.

We managed to get our hands on a copy of the book ahead of the exhibition and let’s just say, we’ll be keeping our eyes wide open to see if we can spot the next smile inducing creation on our way to work.

If you’re interested in seeing work by the artists featured in Urban Interventions or picking up a copy and meeting the nice folks at Gestalten who designed and produced it get down to the Andipa Gallery in South Kensington this coming Friday.

Urban Interventions: Personal Projects in Public Spaces
Book Launch at Andipa Gallery, London

Friday, April 23, 6 – 9 PM
Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL

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FormFiftyFive showcases the best in design and visual communications from around the world. I’m a regular contributor to FFF. For more juicy design goodness head over to

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Not Jones

Not Jones has produced bright and bold branding work from with the occasional pun thrown in for good measures. It’s clear that Aled, the designer behind Not Jones clearly wants to disassociates himself from any Aled Jones references.

On a side note it must be like the scenes from Office Space involving the constant mix up with Michael Bolton’s character. If you’ve never seen Office Space go er it touches humorously on the quibbles of modern life in an office. Here’s a taster.

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FormFiftyFive showcases the best in design and visual communications from around the world. I’m a regular contributor to FFF. For more juicy design goodness head over to

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Going Going Gone Red!—The Partners Campaign




I was clearing through some emails at the beginning of the week when I came across a friendly reminder about Going Going Gone Red! A campaign friend and fellow FFF contributor Sean Rees has been working on with the creative team at The Partners. Using the already well known [RED] branding the project has been setup to raise funds for London’s First Children’s Hospice.

Illustrators from across the globe have been asked to contribute their own designs for characters based upon a game many will be familiar with from their school days. Taking one of three body parts (head, torso or feet), three different illustrators work together to create one new funky looking monster. The end result is will see the work auctioned off with all the proceeds going to this very worth cause.

So far the contributions are really impressive and very endearing. You can see how they’re progressing on the dedicated Going Going Gone Red! Blog which is being updated as new illustrations are received. Though an auction date hasn’t been announced, I’ve been told it should be in the next couple of months so best of luck and try to make it along if you’re in the London area and after some unique work from lots gifted illustrators.

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Postal Ephemera Two—WIRED UK May 2010


So this week the latest issue of WIRED UK dropped through the letter box. I’ve been a huge supporter of WIRED for a while now, originally subscribing to the US version for a few years. I find it hard to believe but just a year has gone by since I went to the lavish launch event last year for WIRED UK and Italia.

The birthday celebrations are short and to the point incorporating a three page fold out showcasing 12 months of WIRED UK covers. Like previous issues, the content is always outstanding as is the design. This month including interesting features on the potential of the iPad prefixing the imminent launch in April. A great piece of writing by Steven Levy and testament to the creative art direction of the WIRED UK’s editorial team. Inspired by the articles content, the design mirrors the larger copy and wealth of interactive links offering a deeper understanding mirrors the type of experience iPad users are expecting. An avant garde approach that WIRED has come to be known for. This high quality of content and design is mirrored through out the rest of the mag all the way down to the little details such as the occasional metallic or fluro spot colour all the way down to this months cute Crayola illustrations running along the footer of the first half of the magazine.

Wether you’re a proud geek or editorial aficionado, WIRED UK was a welcomed surprise through the post this week. Go to Smiths and grab a copy immediately.

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FormFiftyFive in 3D

So as Mark proudly announced over on FFF this morning.

The third dimension, you’ve seen it in the cinema, it’s making its way into TV, and – in what could be a world first – it is now part of your favourite design blog.

So get your 80’s 3D glasses on a la Biff’s side kick, 3D from Back to the Future and get your butts over to FormFiftyFive. It’ll blow your mind.

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