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Bonobo Black Sands Album Cover

So the new Bonobo album, Black Sands is finally out. If you’ve never had the decency to listen to a Bonobo album then shame on you. Democratic music selection is always a tough call though in any studio with more than a few people, so if you’re after some instrumental, safe background beats then make sure you add Black Sands to the music collection.

Oh and if you’re one of those few people who’ve never come across Bonobo I highly recommend going through the back collection as you’ll find some gems from his studio LPs as well as a couple of live sessions, mixes and bootlegs if you look hard enough. No doubt bringing much needed musical kudos to any studio.

FormFiftyFive MixTape 0

FFF MixTape cover artwork

Earlier this month, along with some of the folks from FormFiftyFive, we put together our own mix tape for The MixTape Club. With a 10 track listing 10 of the contributors from FFF including myself picked each of the songs. In case you can’t work out which was my pick, it’s the one that’s slightly educational.

Now go have a listen to the FFF MixTape.

Creative Review – Art Vinyl’s sleeves of the year 0

Some fine examples of good CD/Vinyl sleeve artwork over at Creative Review – Art Vinyl’s sleeves of the year.

Vote for your favorite of the last year at Art Vinyl.


Album covers Album covers Album covers

Who doesn’t like rabbits ah!

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Album covers Album covers
A couple of really cool covers this week.


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