Kitsuné Ivy League AW10 collection

French fashion label and online retailer Kitsune have put together another episode to advertise their next seasons collection. A simple playful idea sees two models pitted against each other to see who can get dressed and undressed the quickest using the newest season’s clothing from Kitsune. Produced like a boxing match but without the sandwich board-touting-women, the first to get changed the quickest and select the next track gets a cheeky peck on the cheek from the loser.

Kitsune have produced a series of similar advertisements all in different locations to reflect the inspiration for each ready to wear collection. Both niche and main stream fashion brands have a symbiotic relationship with creativity and it’s pretty easy to real off a list of labels that are breaking ground when it comes to promotion. Though Kitsune aren’t breaking ground with these shorts, the idea which helps to promote both the latest fashion line and their pending CD release (mixed by a guest artist) which plays in the background works really well for this label. There’s a quintessential french feel to the whole thing be it the models french swagger or the air of contemporary Parisian music even though the on screen graphics do suck quite a bit. Despite that it’ll be interesting to see their next episode and accompanying CD release.

Now for the rest of the previous episodes.

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Siona Rykiel’s pom-poms

Sonia Rykiel has put together a collection of lush garments for her fall 2011 collection as shown in Paris recently. As well as great photos showcasing the collection, what really caught my eye are the oversized pom-pom’s which make for visual intrigue that is both soft and inviting which reflect a lot of the texture found in her pieces…

…espcially these last few.

via POM-POMS!.

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Everybody loves a snow day and some Threadless t-shirts

Wow what a day, I managed to secure the day off work thanks to the freakish weather in the UK over the last few days and had an amazingly productive morning thanks to my house mate by building a monster of a snow dude. Personally, I feel it was a morning well used.

So in celebration of the wintery weather here’s a couple of new tee designs that caught my eye today including this years winner of Threadless Bestee—which reminds me of the foxes we get roaming the streets of London at night.

Very Rob Ryan-esque.

Oh and also I secured a place on DayTum, but more to come on that soon.

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