Made & Sold

book spread from Made&Sold

I’ve been working on the book reviews section over at FormFiftyFive for a while now and I’ve loved every minute of it. Next on the list of reviews, Made & Sold is a nice little title from London design studio, FL@33 and published by Laurnce King. A great little book to the end year, I was surprised by the pretty cheap retail price and the amount of hard work FL@33 put into it.

All the photography is done and dusted and we just managed to miss the onslaught of snow. So here’s a preview of the book until the full review is released on FFF very soon.

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We Are Friction

My copy of We Are Friction by Sing Statistics arrived in the post yesterday. The info-graphics inspired cover is really catchy and the content — collaborations between writers and illustrators — looks very intriguing.

Looking forward to reading through some of the short stories over the coming week and a pat on the back to Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart for all their efforts that went into We Are Friction.

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