Sarah Thorne


Sarah Thorne has been getting her fair share of publicity amongst everyone’s favourite design blogs recently. She deserves it with good credit as well, especially for her most recent success with TopShop’s recent makeup range. Full of character and finesse in it’s own way, it must be extremely gratifying walking down Oxford Street seeing your mark clutched in the hands of many happy shoppers.

In reflection TopShop’s in-house creative team have been doing a sterling job over the last couple of years to churn out some stunning work for a progressive brand really helping to shape some great future designers. Shaz Madani is a name that springs to mind of riding the TopShop success coat tails recently.

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Going Going Gone Red!—The Partners Campaign




I was clearing through some emails at the beginning of the week when I came across a friendly reminder about Going Going Gone Red! A campaign friend and fellow FFF contributor Sean Rees has been working on with the creative team at The Partners. Using the already well known [RED] branding the project has been setup to raise funds for London’s First Children’s Hospice.

Illustrators from across the globe have been asked to contribute their own designs for characters based upon a game many will be familiar with from their school days. Taking one of three body parts (head, torso or feet), three different illustrators work together to create one new funky looking monster. The end result is will see the work auctioned off with all the proceeds going to this very worth cause.

So far the contributions are really impressive and very endearing. You can see how they’re progressing on the dedicated Going Going Gone Red! Blog which is being updated as new illustrations are received. Though an auction date hasn’t been announced, I’ve been told it should be in the next couple of months so best of luck and try to make it along if you’re in the London area and after some unique work from lots gifted illustrators.

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Christmas mailers and seasonal gifts

A little late to be talking about Christmas I know, but hold back the lectures for a second. There’s a good round up of seasonal gifts and mailers on Creative Review including the Christmas by Colour cards from RAW design in Manchester which featured my very own Christmas colour submission, Bucks Fizz as well as a creative Fedrigoni desktop calendar which I hope to get my hands on for the New Year.

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New Work—6×10 Making of

Just a quick update, as I know it’s been a while. I’ve added a recent motion video project for FormFiftyFive, documenting the making of issue 1 of 6×10. Find out more about 6×10: Making of on my portfolio website,

Finally, I’ve been swept up in the whole Twitter malarkey particularly since I last posted. In that same vain, I’ve resurrected my older Tumblr which I think may well be the new Twitter-come-blog. Expect to see this blog transferring to Tumblr very soon.

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