Wallpaper* launches iPhone app

As the release of the iPad makes waves in the publishing industry, Wallpaper* magazine has released a new iPhone app. Sponsored by Swarovski Crystal Palace, the app delivers a paired down ‘best of’ content from the Wallpaper* website. I’ve had a play with the app for the last few days on the commute to work and it’s a pretty seamless experience, providing you’ve got an Edge or 3G connection, watching video or browsing images is an enjoyable experience. However what would have been a welcomed addition is a GPS aware or even city selection function to find out what’s happening in your local city that Wallpaper* could recommend.

Take a look for free via the iTunes Music Store or via http://www.wallpaper.com/iphone

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Postal Ephemera Two—WIRED UK May 2010


So this week the latest issue of WIRED UK dropped through the letter box. I’ve been a huge supporter of WIRED for a while now, originally subscribing to the US version for a few years. I find it hard to believe but just a year has gone by since I went to the lavish launch event last year for WIRED UK and Italia.

The birthday celebrations are short and to the point incorporating a three page fold out showcasing 12 months of WIRED UK covers. Like previous issues, the content is always outstanding as is the design. This month including interesting features on the potential of the iPad prefixing the imminent launch in April. A great piece of writing by Steven Levy and testament to the creative art direction of the WIRED UK’s editorial team. Inspired by the articles content, the design mirrors the larger copy and wealth of interactive links offering a deeper understanding mirrors the type of experience iPad users are expecting. An avant garde approach that WIRED has come to be known for. This high quality of content and design is mirrored through out the rest of the mag all the way down to the little details such as the occasional metallic or fluro spot colour all the way down to this months cute Crayola illustrations running along the footer of the first half of the magazine.

Wether you’re a proud geek or editorial aficionado, WIRED UK was a welcomed surprise through the post this week. Go to Smiths and grab a copy immediately.

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We Are Friction

My copy of We Are Friction by Sing Statistics arrived in the post yesterday. The info-graphics inspired cover is really catchy and the content — collaborations between writers and illustrators — looks very intriguing.

Looking forward to reading through some of the short stories over the coming week and a pat on the back to Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart for all their efforts that went into We Are Friction.

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Esquire September 2009 Limited Edition

I don’t usually read Esquire magazine-normally I have so much on my desk or in my RSS reader that I just haven’t got the time. This month though Esquire have published a limited edition issue which I couldn’t help but pick up and have a flick through.

The design team have done a really good job producing the magazine with a sturdy hardback cover lavishly covered with plenty of foil blocking. The spreads throughout are well put together with some great use of typography and illustration that does the overall feel of the magazine well. The designers have also done a great job finishing it all off with q mixture of coated and uncoated stocks.

Check out the latest issue at your local newsagents.  

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Wired Sept 09 & QuadCamera for iPhone

This months copy Wired drop through my letter box recently. The design team at Wired UK have done a sterling job in this months issue, with some beautiful spreads and some nice finishing on the cover with silver foil blocking – not that they don’t do an amazing job of the design every other month.

The p hotograph was snapped with my new favourite app on the iPhone, QuadCamera. Effectively a Lomo camera (one that takes a number of shots all on the same print) but on the connivence of a mobile phone and I’m gonna say it does a grand job too. With plenty of options dictating how many shots are taking and what effects are used (though it looks like there’s a vignette on ever photograph which is taking) it’s an app I’d highly recommend. I’m sure you’ll see plenty of images on here taken using QuadCamera in the future. It’s also worth mentioning the people behind QuadCamera have an online app called QuadAnimator which takes photo’s you’ve taken with the app and then pieces them together to create an animation.

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Really satisfying spreads from PaperObject using a mix of flat graphic work and origami paper bjects to enhance the shapes and patterns they form to great effect.

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