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Lucha Libre Yetis 0

So I posted a cryptic looking Yeti last week and mentioned there would be more on the way soon. That day’s arrived now they’re at their final home.

Inspired by Mexican Wrestling aka Lucha Libre these two yetis named Princessa Chikita and La Malveda are a special one off set complete with Lucha Libre costumes including one winners wrestling belt (obviously both of them have to duke it out to be crowned the winner first) and a gringo moustache inspired by Perdo from Napoleon Dynamite. They took a lot of time and effort to make but in the end it was worth it—researching Lucha Libre costumes and designs was a lot of fun as is making anything out of felt. The super bright colours, easy to work with and stitching details always reminds of working with vector graphics—probably why I find it so rewarding and enjoyable.  

You can see more of them in detail on the Lucha Libre Flickr set along with images of a lot of the other yetis I’ve made over the years. I’ll be uploading more shots of these Lucha Libre inspired ones over the coming days so keep checking back. Finally if you’re wanting to get your hands on a Yeti yourself or commissions a special creation email me directly at made [at] or pop in to SMUG in Angel where they’re available to buy as well.

Crochetdermy—Shuana Richardson 0


They say opposites attract and I guess it’s true because on paper crochet and taxidermy really shouldn’t work but Shuana Richardson proves us all wrong. She does a good job of it too.

Giant Yeti 0

I made this giant yeti as part of Helen Frik’s Difficult exhibition on at Chapter in Cardiff earlier in the year. Unfortunately didn’t get the time to make the trip to see it in situ but it he was a hell of a lot of fun to make. At roughly 75cm standing tall and easily that again for his arm span, he dwarfed the regular sized. Although he’s not officially available to buy I’d be interested in making this sort of size to commission.

For my next project a life sized yeti?

Emmanuel the Yeti 0

I just put this little guy in the post yesterday bound for Scotland. His name is Emmanuel. I think it fits him well.

Yetis/SMUG featured on WeHeart 0

I just had a very nice email through from Lizzie over at SMUG about the store and a couple of my yetis have been mentioned on the WeHeart design blog. Though they don’t talk directly about my yetis in any detail, clearly they were a deciding factor on making the editorial cut and can be seen dotted around the shop.

Going coo coo for knitted clocks 0

knitted clock

I really want one of these chic knitted clocks found over on katie knits. I think I might just have to make one when I finally get round to buying another knitting machine.

Geometric knitting pattern 0

Really like the pattern on this knitted garment.