A brilliantly simple short spotted by Nikolay over on FFF. 35mm reduces 35 famous flicks into the bare essentials and depicts them with sharp and clean visual style.

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Kitsuné Ivy League AW10 collection

French fashion label and online retailer Kitsune have put together another episode to advertise their next seasons collection. A simple playful idea sees two models pitted against each other to see who can get dressed and undressed the quickest using the newest season’s clothing from Kitsune. Produced like a boxing match but without the sandwich board-touting-women, the first to get changed the quickest and select the next track gets a cheeky peck on the cheek from the loser.

Kitsune have produced a series of similar advertisements all in different locations to reflect the inspiration for each ready to wear collection. Both niche and main stream fashion brands have a symbiotic relationship with creativity and it’s pretty easy to real off a list of labels that are breaking ground when it comes to promotion. Though Kitsune aren’t breaking ground with these shorts, the idea which helps to promote both the latest fashion line and their pending CD release (mixed by a guest artist) which plays in the background works really well for this label. There’s a quintessential french feel to the whole thing be it the models french swagger or the air of contemporary Parisian music even though the on screen graphics do suck quite a bit. Despite that it’ll be interesting to see their next episode and accompanying CD release.

Now for the rest of the previous episodes.

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Long Lunch Tube Advert

I’ve been working with Long Lunch for a little while now and recently I was asked by one of the founding members Brian Copeland of Graphic Clinic to produce a short motion graphic advert. In some of the more popular tube station CBS Outdoor have installed huge video projectors that loop 20s adverts whilst passengers wait for the next train where the advert will be shown. Inspired by the iconic flip depature boards and those flip-dot mechanisms, I just sent off the final render to the media space company so expect to see it in a tube station near you very soon.

On another related note, if you’re interested in graphic design and you’ve never come across Long Lunch before then I highly recommend buying a ticket and going along to one of their talks as they have some brilliant speakers in. You might just bump into me at one of the London venues. For a list of their up and coming talks watch the advert or check the Long Lunch website for full listings.

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Orange Free Internet advert

Orange’s branding and communication recently have been pretty top notch especially with their recent campaign employings creations from Peep Show collective. Their most recent advert though for Free Internet is short and too the point, capturing the interwebz culture in 30 seconds. Who doesn’t find a pug wearing a wig funny is dead inside.

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Gorillaz – Stylo music video

I just don’t get the time any more to to watch music videos. It’s a real shame as it’s been a medium to discover creative gems (Gondry being one of my all time favourite directors whom I discovered through his Daft Punk-Around The World).

One recent group who’s creative direction I’ve always admired is Gorillaz branding by Jamie Hewlett. To coinciede with last weeks release of Plastic Beach (which is more of the high quality tunes that will be making up much of this months playlist in the studio) I took a look at the video for their newest EP, Stylo. Previously the Gorillaz art style has been cell shaded often ineractiving with live action actors and scenery. In this latest video Murdoc and 2D take shape as 3D renders. The video is finished to the same high standard as all the previous work and it makes sense now it’s been 12 years since Gorillaz original debut. The narrative behind Stylo is slightly uninspiring with a cameo from Bruce Willis who does bring a whole lot to the narratve other than his celebrity name. Similar to their first self titled album and Demons though it looks like the video is the first part in a larger narrative that will be completed with subsequent EP releases for Plastic Beach in the coming months.

Criticisms apart Gorillaz new album is another aural delight and another album that should be on every studios playlist of safebets.

Gorillaz – Stylo HD

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Decode at the V&A

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, last week I had some time off and took the opportunity to go see the Decode exhibition on show at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

If you’re interested in programming based digital art then you’ll be pleased to see this niche area that has usually be restrictend to being presented online, instead taking centre stage in a broader forum. The show is relatively small but features around 20 or so exhibits from animations to interactive pieces and emmersive interior environments. For anyone who’s no stranger to Processing based art will recognise some popular artists such as Matt Pyke and Daniel Rozin to name but a few.

Like always there’s an album on Vimeo with all the video I shot at the exhbition along with some shots over on my Decode flickr set.

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