Long Lunch Tube Advert

I’ve been working with Long Lunch for a little while now and recently I was asked by one of the founding members Brian Copeland of Graphic Clinic to produce a short motion graphic advert. In some of the more popular tube station CBS Outdoor have installed huge video projectors that loop 20s adverts whilst passengers wait for the next train where the advert will be shown. Inspired by the iconic flip depature boards and those flip-dot mechanisms, I just sent off the final render to the media space company so expect to see it in a tube station near you very soon.

On another related note, if you’re interested in graphic design and you’ve never come across Long Lunch before then I highly recommend buying a ticket and going along to one of their talks as they have some brilliant speakers in. You might just bump into me at one of the London venues. For a list of their up and coming talks watch the advert or check the Long Lunch website for full listings.

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Postal Ephemera

It’s no secret that I love print. However one secret of mine is how much joy post brings me (bills excluded). Over the last month I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a semi-regular feature that ties these two pleasures together and let you share in the gleeful printed delights.

Postal Ephemera is the product of this thinking and aims to showcase anything and everything print related that drops through the letter box. It’s a semi-regular (hopefully weekly) feature appearing every Friday. For the time being it’s going to be pretty loose, it might not be every week and it might not always be a Friday so just bear with us. The plan each week is to show off an example of print work that has dropped through the letter box that’s caught our eye, be it a mailer, book, brochure or something altogether different. Although postal is in the name, we’re also going to show off bits of print we’ve picked up or photograph whilst out on the road at exhibitions and events. After all if they landed through the post I’d be talking about them anyway. It might also not be brand spanking new work but stuff I’ve picked up years ago, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of regular content to keep things interesting.

Postal Ephemera hints at the throw-away but more often than no they end up in my collection of reference materials, so why not check back on Friday and see what I’ve got to show off.

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Yetis photographed at SMUG—Now on sale in London

I’ve had an amazingly productive and visually delightful week so far. Early on I managed to fit in a visit to SMUG in Angel, London who have recently started stocking my yetis. I took the chance to get some snaps of the little guys on location in their new migratory home before going on to better families.

SMUG is an amazing little boutique store and so it’s a real pleasure to have my products on sale at such a chic place. It’s definitely worth a trip to have a look around and see the amazing floor on the top level which has been made of reclaimed wood to create a criss-cross checkered pattern.

My yetis are also available for sale through SMUG’s website with pictures of all the yetis they currently have in stock. I’m also excited to say that I’m working on permanent site for my yetis to call home online, to help bring together all the various photographs and information about them as well as a place to buy them directly from myself.

Like always I’ve uploaded a whole set of photographs of the yetis in SMUG which can be found on my flickr along with plenty of photographs of most of the yetis I’ve made over the last four years.

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I’ve managed to give my blog a little TLC this weekend with a few minor updates and some tidying up. I know it’s been a couple of months since last updating but I’ve been pretty busy at work and working on more featured content for FormFiftyFive.

The biggest improvement is any content I write for FormFiftyFive should get syndicated here as well. It’s a feature I’ve been wanting to get on with implementing for a while now, so I’m really glad it’s up and running. I’ve already had a bit of play with it and imported a few of my most recent posts courtesy of FFF.

Hopefully there’ll be no more long periods of silence.

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FormFiftyFive interviews Fred Deakin of Airside

After a lot of hard work and late nights I finished working on video for FormFiftyFive interviewing Fred Deakin. Creative director of Airside and one half of Lemon Jelly, Fred Deakin is a design and music hero of mine so it was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to get some of my questions answered by Fred and work on editing and motion graphics for the final video.

There’s more information over at FormFiftyFive and would love to hear your comments and thoughts. We’ve also lined up our next interview with the very talented illustrator, Hellovon. I’m on to work on this next interview which should be very interesting.

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FFF Interviews Fred Deakin

I’ve been pretty tied up the last couple of weeks working on FormFiftyFive’s latest video interview with creative director or Airside and half of the band Lemon Jelly—both of whom I’m huge fans of. So it’s been a really great chance to work with great assets and get back into some motion graphics and video editing that I enjoy every time I return to.

Here’s a quick sneak preview at one of the animated intros for FFF, which unfortunately doesn’t look like it’s going to make the cut. Keep checking my blog and FormFiftyFive as the interview isn’t far away from being released.

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New Work—6×10 Making of

Just a quick update, as I know it’s been a while. I’ve added a recent motion video project for FormFiftyFive, documenting the making of issue 1 of 6×10. Find out more about 6×10: Making of on my portfolio website, http://www.sansgil.com.

Finally, I’ve been swept up in the whole Twitter malarkey particularly since I last posted. In that same vain, I’ve resurrected my older Tumblr which I think may well be the new Twitter-come-blog. Expect to see this blog transferring to Tumblr very soon.

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