Late Happy Australia Day

For all those in the know it was Australia day yesterday (it tends to help having an Auzzie sister in law). In celebration of the day I made the classic Mars Crispy Crunch courtesy of my Dads many Australian Womens Weekly cook books. They nothing short or moreish. If you fancy giving them a go you can find the Mars crispy crunch receipe here.

On another note, a big batch of soft toy stuffing arrived for my yetis. However when the delivery person arrived with this huge box (over 10kg) I’m starting to think I’ll have enough stuffing to keep me going for a long while.

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UK under snow 2010

In case you’ve been in a cave for the last week, the UK is being hit pretty hard with the weather this winter—if not blown out of proportion a little by the UK’s media. Despite this, satellites have caught some stunning pictures of the UK dusted with snow. Beautiful.

See it for yourself via Flash Earth.

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Everybody loves a snow day and some Threadless t-shirts

Wow what a day, I managed to secure the day off work thanks to the freakish weather in the UK over the last few days and had an amazingly productive morning thanks to my house mate by building a monster of a snow dude. Personally, I feel it was a morning well used.

So in celebration of the wintery weather here’s a couple of new tee designs that caught my eye today including this years winner of Threadless Bestee—which reminds me of the foxes we get roaming the streets of London at night.

Very Rob Ryan-esque.

Oh and also I secured a place on DayTum, but more to come on that soon.

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Rock Band Performances

Having had some free time after the busy start to the New Year, I managed to make it down to my brother’s office at after work one night last week for some good old fashion co-op Rock Band. So we stepped it up a notch and recorded some videos in glorious HD whilst strumming out some tunes in their amazing, tech filled games testing rooms. They have about ten guitar/controllers in racks on the walls. So here are some of the truly epic performances.*

*First time I’ve ever played Rock Band and I never realised quite how useless I am at tapping out two beats. Give me a guitar any day. I’m sure it’s very clear which videos I’m playing the drum and which one’s Guy is.

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Little Big Planet TV adverts

Whilst I’ve been home for the holidays, I’ve managed to indulge in some good old family fun on the PS3, playing the great Little Big Planet—I got a hands on preview of the game, back in the summer. It’s a charming and sweet little game that exudes attention to detail and creativity which is reflected in their UK TV advertising campaign. It’s definitely being pushed as one of Sony Playstation’s bigger titles this year it deserves every bit of praise.

So sit back and enjoy these short little spots that show off how great the game is. If you fancy watching a full review of the game, check out my brother’s Little Big Planet Gamespot video review that he shot earlier in the year.

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Netflix Origami

A really simple and fun little idea. Netflix or Europe’s, Lovefilm should come up with something similar as some sort of advertising/brand campaign.

Have a look at all the stuff you can make at Netflix Origami.

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Stupid, stupid cats

I just saw this video. The sound effects really make it for me. It also reminded me of another one that was shown to me (blow) whilst in the studio the other week.


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