Ghostly Ferns

Whilst research for some visual references for a brief last week I came across Ghostly Ferns a good little source of visual inspiration from Meg Lewis. A designer and merchandiser with her own line of vintage clothing it’s not surprise that the majority of the content has a fashion and interiors undertone. Certainly worth having a look through next time you’re looking for some design, fashion, interior or photographic delights.

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Bonobo—Black Sands

So the new Bonobo album, Black Sands is finally out. If you’ve never had the decency to listen to a Bonobo album then shame on you. Democratic music selection is always a tough call though in any studio with more than a few people, so if you’re after some instrumental, safe background beats then make sure you add Black Sands to the music collection.

Oh and if you’re one of those few people who’ve never come across Bonobo I highly recommend going through the back collection as you’ll find some gems from his studio LPs as well as a couple of live sessions, mixes and bootlegs if you look hard enough. No doubt bringing much needed musical kudos to any studio.

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Alive catwalk scenery—Anthony Burrill

Looking back over the last couple of weeks, it seems like I’ve been reading a lot of fashion related content—no surprise tailing off LFW a few weeks back and the subsequent submissions that come in to FFF every week. One thing that caught my eye was the well executed work super star designer Athony Burril completed for Jenny Packham catwalk show ‘Alive – Autumn/Winter 2010 collection’ which launched at London Fashion Week.

Typical geometric patterns—that Burril has been exploring in his work recently—the grandure of scale and lighting create a stunning environment and complimented by the invite design create a unity that makes for an visually beautiful show.

You can see more shots of the stage design on Anthony’s flickr and a full collection of garments on show on London Fashion Week.

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Siona Rykiel’s pom-poms

Sonia Rykiel has put together a collection of lush garments for her fall 2011 collection as shown in Paris recently. As well as great photos showcasing the collection, what really caught my eye are the oversized pom-pom’s which make for visual intrigue that is both soft and inviting which reflect a lot of the texture found in her pieces…

…espcially these last few.

via POM-POMS!.

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Emmanuel and his new friend

I just received a very sweet email from a happy new friend and owner of Emmanuel. I’m sure they’re both so fresh faced to know they’re friends at the moment but in the passing months and years I’m sure they’ll never learn to live without the other in close proximity.

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Sebastian the Yeti

As it’s been another cold and snowy few days here in the UK, I decided to spend some of Sunday gone, indoors finishing off another yeti. Appropriately named to match his pencil mustache, Sebastian or Seb for short, is extremely furry and warm with his bright green mustache looking very dashing.

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Yetis in their natural habitat—snowy woods and steep mountains

Whilst we’ve had a rather snowy winter over the last month here in the UK, I wrapped up warm packed my photography bag and went out treking through the new Arctic tundras to spot some of my yetis in their natural habitat.

If you’re keen to try and track some wild ones yourself, they love the cold crisp snow and are usually found in wood lands or wandering up the side of mountains.

There’s a whole set of yetis in their natural habitat over on my flickr.

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