Pantone Cosmetics Concept

At the moment it is only that, a concept. For me though it makes a lot of sense and in the long line of products that Pantone have lent their name to. It’s interesting just how successful Pantone have been in turning what is a niche brand that makes sense to only a small number of people into a contemporary design classic. One particular example that springs to mind are the Pantone mugs; now on sale in big department stores and even making up the background furniture on day time TV’s This Morning. I imagine though one of the biggest thing holding this concept back though are the licensing for the Pantone brand name. Every product that bears always comes with a very high price tag.

Pantone Cosmetics Concept.

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Sebastian the Yeti

As it’s been another cold and snowy few days here in the UK, I decided to spend some of Sunday gone, indoors finishing off another yeti. Appropriately named to match his pencil mustache, Sebastian or Seb for short, is extremely furry and warm with his bright green mustache looking very dashing.

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Dial E for Elmo and Cookie Monster phone case

As it was my brothers birthday last Saturday, I made him a couple of new covers for his HTC Hero which he recently upgraded to.

I’m as pleased with the result as he is with his presents and they fit pretty well considering I didn’t have the exact phone to work with and only a couple of photos. They’re made of felt with black felt inside to protect the phone as well as some soft silk lining along the inside top and a button closure.

As much as I’d love to take full credit for the design they’re actually based on some cases by Chocolate Mint Crafts which I had seen on Etsy so she deserves full credit even though mine as for the HTC Hero rather than the iPhone. As well the Elmo and Cookie monster creations by Chocolate Mint Crafts, she has also produced a very cute Oscar one which this time I didn’t have chance to make. Maybe for later in the year around Christmas?

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Yetis in their natural habitat—snowy woods and steep mountains

Whilst we’ve had a rather snowy winter over the last month here in the UK, I wrapped up warm packed my photography bag and went out treking through the new Arctic tundras to spot some of my yetis in their natural habitat.

If you’re keen to try and track some wild ones yourself, they love the cold crisp snow and are usually found in wood lands or wandering up the side of mountains.

There’s a whole set of yetis in their natural habitat over on my flickr.

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Yetis photographed at SMUG—Now on sale in London

I’ve had an amazingly productive and visually delightful week so far. Early on I managed to fit in a visit to SMUG in Angel, London who have recently started stocking my yetis. I took the chance to get some snaps of the little guys on location in their new migratory home before going on to better families.

SMUG is an amazing little boutique store and so it’s a real pleasure to have my products on sale at such a chic place. It’s definitely worth a trip to have a look around and see the amazing floor on the top level which has been made of reclaimed wood to create a criss-cross checkered pattern.

My yetis are also available for sale through SMUG’s website with pictures of all the yetis they currently have in stock. I’m also excited to say that I’m working on permanent site for my yetis to call home online, to help bring together all the various photographs and information about them as well as a place to buy them directly from myself.

Like always I’ve uploaded a whole set of photographs of the yetis in SMUG which can be found on my flickr along with plenty of photographs of most of the yetis I’ve made over the last four years.

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Christmas by Colour Cards

I’ve just found out that my entry for Christmas by Colour Cards has made it into the final twelve cards. Conceived by RAW—an agency in Manchester—last year to pick CMYK colours that reminiscent of Christmas, this year RAW asked users to chose their top three from the hundreds that made it on to last years poster and wrapping paper. Alongside entries from other FFF contributors, my entry, Bucks Fizz has been produced and is available to buy through the Christmas by Colour site with the other eleven winning colours.

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