Sebastian the Yeti

As it’s been another cold and snowy few days here in the UK, I decided to spend some of Sunday gone, indoors finishing off another yeti. Appropriately named to match his pencil mustache, Sebastian or Seb for short, is extremely furry and warm with his bright green mustache looking very dashing.

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Yetis in their natural habitat—snowy woods and steep mountains

Whilst we’ve had a rather snowy winter over the last month here in the UK, I wrapped up warm packed my photography bag and went out treking through the new Arctic tundras to spot some of my yetis in their natural habitat.

If you’re keen to try and track some wild ones yourself, they love the cold crisp snow and are usually found in wood lands or wandering up the side of mountains.

There’s a whole set of yetis in their natural habitat over on my flickr.

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Sarah’s Yetis

I’ve been busy again making more and more yetis, this time for a friend north of the border in Edinburgh. I took some photos (the last few in this set) of them before sending them out a few weeks ago but never got round to publishing them on here.

They’re made from alpacha yarn that give them a beautiful chunky, soft look and feel. The yarn came all the way from The Yarn Tree in New York. If I’m ever across again I’ll have to stop by and check it out—I’m told it’s an amazing shop.

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Pixel Junk Eden

Following on from my last post on the PS3, my brother introduced me to Pixel Junk Eden on the PS3. Simple but beautifully realised, it makes me a little jealous not to be working on the visual side of the games industry rather than being a graphic designer. But more so that that there’s nothing really that similar or that has the unique flare of these small titles on the Xbox 360. The only comparable game that springs to mind is Rez, but even that started out as a PS2 original and is now available on the Xbox 360 Market Place.

If you own either consoles I highly suggest checking out Rez for its unique mix of audio and visual exploration of wireframe landscapes like those in the classic Disney movie, Tron. Oh and friend me up on Xbox Live; julius hibert whilst you’re at it. I’ll probably be online playing Left 4 Dead—a very nice Christmas present if on the gory side.

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Farmboy Yetis

I’ve been busy again making some of my knitted monsters called yetis. One that I finished a while back for friend and illustrator Emily Sutton, sent me some photos of him on a building site of her new house which I thought I’d share.

If you’ve bought one of my Yetis, I’d love for you to send me some photo’s of it in their new habit. Send them to made[at]

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Crochet Dunny

The very talent and one of my favorite knitters-all-round-crafty-folk, Nicole Gastonguay has just finished this mighty creation. Based on the popular Dunny figures which come in many different designs or even personalized by various well known designers, it’s the first time a blank one has ever been made of yarn (to my knowledge).

There’s a load of production shots on her blog which I advise checking out. Hopefully they might go on sale soon—fingers crossed.

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