Yetis are off to new homes

I’ve just finished saying another heart felt (no pun intended) goodbye to another famly of yetis who are now on there way to Lizzie at SMUG in Angel.

Before packing their bags and leaving for their adopted families, I took some photographs of them all.

They’ll be available at SMUG very soon so if you’re in London, head over to Angel and go have a looksy.

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Late Happy Australia Day

For all those in the know it was Australia day yesterday (it tends to help having an Auzzie sister in law). In celebration of the day I made the classic Mars Crispy Crunch courtesy of my Dads many Australian Womens Weekly cook books. They nothing short or moreish. If you fancy giving them a go you can find the Mars crispy crunch receipe here.

On another note, a big batch of soft toy stuffing arrived for my yetis. However when the delivery person arrived with this huge box (over 10kg) I’m starting to think I’ll have enough stuffing to keep me going for a long while.

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Rob Ryan—You Can Do A Lot With a Small Brain

Rob Ryan’s latest book was sent into FFF the other day. Coinciding with his current exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it looks like a pretty nice book and flicking through it some good interviews offering insight into his working practice and the commercial successful Ryantown/Empire.

Rob Ryan for world domination? Wouldn’t surprise us. Hopefully a more in depth review with more shots of the book on FFF soon.

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COOP exhibition this coming weekend – opens tomorrow

Just a quick post to let you all know I’ve got an exhibition opening tomorrow night which is running over the weekend. If your in the Edinburgh area, try and pop by and see what you think. It should be an interesting collaboration between an unlikely marriage of Graphic Design, Sculpture and Drawing and Painting.It’s at the OWL & LION Gallery, 15 Grassmarket, Edinburgh. Click the above flyer for more details.

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Its Friday again…

Heres a couple more album covers that have caught my eye again this week. For some reason I’ve been feeling a rather 60’s and 70’s mood in imagery as well over the last week, especially towards old tattered magazines. Probably what’s been influencing the last album cover choice. Enjoy!

Oh and I can’t believe it’s been another week. I’d say it would be fair that this week has probably been one of the most difficult and decision making weeks of art school. Rewarding and challenging but so stressful. Still it’ll be a new week soon. Enough for now.

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