Kitsuné Ivy League AW10 collection

French fashion label and online retailer Kitsune have put together another episode to advertise their next seasons collection. A simple playful idea sees two models pitted against each other to see who can get dressed and undressed the quickest using the newest season’s clothing from Kitsune. Produced like a boxing match but without the sandwich board-touting-women, the first to get changed the quickest and select the next track gets a cheeky peck on the cheek from the loser.

Kitsune have produced a series of similar advertisements all in different locations to reflect the inspiration for each ready to wear collection. Both niche and main stream fashion brands have a symbiotic relationship with creativity and it’s pretty easy to real off a list of labels that are breaking ground when it comes to promotion. Though Kitsune aren’t breaking ground with these shorts, the idea which helps to promote both the latest fashion line and their pending CD release (mixed by a guest artist) which plays in the background works really well for this label. There’s a quintessential french feel to the whole thing be it the models french swagger or the air of contemporary Parisian music even though the on screen graphics do suck quite a bit. Despite that it’ll be interesting to see their next episode and accompanying CD release.

Now for the rest of the previous episodes.

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Ghostly Ferns

Whilst research for some visual references for a brief last week I came across Ghostly Ferns a good little source of visual inspiration from Meg Lewis. A designer and merchandiser with her own line of vintage clothing it’s not surprise that the majority of the content has a fashion and interiors undertone. Certainly worth having a look through next time you’re looking for some design, fashion, interior or photographic delights.

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eBoy iPhone wallpapers on Poolga

Every now and again I’ll check in at Poolga for some new iPhone backgrounds and much to my delight this morning are some new additions by pixel mystros eBoy. So for the rest of the week I’ll be rocking these sexy pixel landscapes.

It’s a shame there’s not an auto background rotation feature on the iPhone like there is on OS X. Maybe on the new iPhone 4?

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Wallpaper* launches iPhone app

As the release of the iPad makes waves in the publishing industry, Wallpaper* magazine has released a new iPhone app. Sponsored by Swarovski Crystal Palace, the app delivers a paired down ‘best of’ content from the Wallpaper* website. I’ve had a play with the app for the last few days on the commute to work and it’s a pretty seamless experience, providing you’ve got an Edge or 3G connection, watching video or browsing images is an enjoyable experience. However what would have been a welcomed addition is a GPS aware or even city selection function to find out what’s happening in your local city that Wallpaper* could recommend.

Take a look for free via the iTunes Music Store or via

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Subfolio review

Hitching a ride on the previous article about CarneMag and digital magazines which I posted over at FFF, I want to briefly mention a new web app I’ve been trying out over the last couple of days. It’s called Subfolio and is developed by Area17. They say,

Subfolio provides an elegant, practical and customizable web interface to your file system. Super fast to set-up and use, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Flexible and feature-rich, you’ll soon be inventing new ways to use it.

On the crux of it, it’s a convenient way for studios to quickly share work with clients, users and fans be it work in progress of the finished article. It’s still in private beta but the thought of a quick way to show a client how things are progressing or a way to share work that never quite made it because one reason or another was something that I’ve always thought many agencies could benefit from.

So to gauge Subfolio’s potential I thought I’d integrate it into our workflow. For the time being the only work that’ll be up there is content for blog posts that although interest us at first doesn’t make it into the final post. This usually happens a lot, were a handful or so of images will get selected but only three or so will make the final edit.

After a couple of days using Subfolio it seems pretty easy to setup, needing no database and only PHP5. You simply drag and drop your files the exact same file structure as on your Mac via FTP and hey presto Subfolio takes care of the rest. You can even setup a WebDAV folder to keep things synced which a nice feature even if our hosting company doesn’t provide it. However there’s still a few things that need sorting out such as being able to install Subfolio into a folder is a big bug bear. We’ve still yet to give it a little TLC in term’s of look and feel so bear with us if access is patchy over the next few days but I’m sure it’s something I’ll be recommending to others if the situation is right.

Back to CarneMag though, there was a lot of great spreads so they’ve all been put up in Subfolio under FormFiftyFive/CarneMag.

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Aaron Miller’s FormFiftyFive header illustration

Aaron Miller has done a sterling job of creating a really interesting header illustration for this week over at FormFiftyFive. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it’s up there in my top 5 that have been created for the site since we redesigned it last year. For me the best ones have been those that play with the space, change on a daily basis or think of the area as more than just an illustration space.

There’s only today and tomorrow to see it on show at FormFiftyFive so head over if you haven’t already seen it and check out Aaron’s full folio site for some more gems.

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