Lucha Libre Yetis

So I posted a cryptic looking Yeti last week and mentioned there would be more on the way soon. That day’s arrived now they’re at their final home.

Inspired by Mexican Wrestling aka Lucha Libre these two yetis named Princessa Chikita and La Malveda are a special one off set complete with Lucha Libre costumes including one winners wrestling belt (obviously both of them have to duke it out to be crowned the winner first) and a gringo moustache inspired by Perdo from Napoleon Dynamite. They took a lot of time and effort to make but in the end it was worth it—researching Lucha Libre costumes and designs was a lot of fun as is making anything out of felt. The super bright colours, easy to work with and stitching details always reminds of working with vector graphics—probably why I find it so rewarding and enjoyable.  

You can see more of them in detail on the Lucha Libre Flickr set along with images of a lot of the other yetis I’ve made over the years. I’ll be uploading more shots of these Lucha Libre inspired ones over the coming days so keep checking back. Finally if you’re wanting to get your hands on a Yeti yourself or commissions a special creation email me directly at made [at] or pop in to SMUG in Angel where they’re available to buy as well.

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Mexican Yetis

I feel like I’ve been drowning in yetis over the last couple of weeks. One of the most exciting and challenging creations though has been this Mexican inspired Yeti for a commission. I’m not going to say too much now but here’s a sneak peek and there’ll be more details about La Malvada soon.

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Giant Yeti

I made this giant yeti as part of Helen Frik’s Difficult exhibition on at Chapter in Cardiff earlier in the year. Unfortunately didn’t get the time to make the trip to see it in situ but it he was a hell of a lot of fun to make. At roughly 75cm standing tall and easily that again for his arm span, he dwarfed the regular sized. Although he’s not officially available to buy I’d be interested in making this sort of size to commission.

For my next project a life sized yeti?

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Emmanuel and his new friend

I just received a very sweet email from a happy new friend and owner of Emmanuel. I’m sure they’re both so fresh faced to know they’re friends at the moment but in the passing months and years I’m sure they’ll never learn to live without the other in close proximity.

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Sebastian the Yeti

As it’s been another cold and snowy few days here in the UK, I decided to spend some of Sunday gone, indoors finishing off another yeti. Appropriately named to match his pencil mustache, Sebastian or Seb for short, is extremely furry and warm with his bright green mustache looking very dashing.

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Yetis in their natural habitat—snowy woods and steep mountains

Whilst we’ve had a rather snowy winter over the last month here in the UK, I wrapped up warm packed my photography bag and went out treking through the new Arctic tundras to spot some of my yetis in their natural habitat.

If you’re keen to try and track some wild ones yourself, they love the cold crisp snow and are usually found in wood lands or wandering up the side of mountains.

There’s a whole set of yetis in their natural habitat over on my flickr.

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Yetis photographed at SMUG—Now on sale in London

I’ve had an amazingly productive and visually delightful week so far. Early on I managed to fit in a visit to SMUG in Angel, London who have recently started stocking my yetis. I took the chance to get some snaps of the little guys on location in their new migratory home before going on to better families.

SMUG is an amazing little boutique store and so it’s a real pleasure to have my products on sale at such a chic place. It’s definitely worth a trip to have a look around and see the amazing floor on the top level which has been made of reclaimed wood to create a criss-cross checkered pattern.

My yetis are also available for sale through SMUG’s website with pictures of all the yetis they currently have in stock. I’m also excited to say that I’m working on permanent site for my yetis to call home online, to help bring together all the various photographs and information about them as well as a place to buy them directly from myself.

Like always I’ve uploaded a whole set of photographs of the yetis in SMUG which can be found on my flickr along with plenty of photographs of most of the yetis I’ve made over the last four years.

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